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4733093 (43)Many people can relate how they felt when they see scratches on their car’s mirror on a random day or scratches on the bumper after a road trip caused by the luggage. When it comes to protection and look for our cars, there is no denying accessories are what we all need. We all know there are so many types of auto accessories in the market from chrome plated to 304 grade stainless steel.

The most known exterior stainless steel accessories are ; chrome mirror covers, door handle cover trims, chrome front grille cover trims, chrome rear bumper sill protector covers, chrome front grille surround trims, chrome door sill cover - door entry guards,  chrome window sill cover - overlay trims, chrome fuel flap covers - gas tank door caps, chrome rear trunk lid - license plate trim covers, chrome under rear trunk lid covers - tailgate protector trims, chrome front fog lamp - headlight surround covers, chrome rear brake stop lamp cover trim, chrome upper and lower front bumper grille cover trims, chrome front hood strips, chromequarter window mirror panel covers, chrome reflector light surround trims, chrome side door streamer trims...


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Perhaps the simplest way to put the general idea as many people already know is that the quality starts from Abs plastic to Chrome plated and from there to Stainless Steel products, and as the quality goes from Abs to Stainless Steel, the durability, resistance, overall look and protection gets better. But that is only a start, and since we can’t touch and feel the products on the web, we need more detailed information to know exactly what we want and also will like. In the world, when we say auto accessories, what most people think, have used or simply what comes to their minds is the abs or chrome plated accessories, but as many things in life, the area of auto accessories has improved and started to serve much better quality, protection and look. Simply we need better quality to get better protection, and since we are getting better protection why not get better look, so the top option would be stainless steel. Of Course we don’t have to get the top quality, 304 grade stainless steel, if we don’t care so much about how they look, perhaps also durability, since 304 grade has the best look and also is the most preferred quality in Europe. At this point we think it would be everybody’s interest to mentionthe difference between 304 grade and 430 grade stainless steel. (304 Grade stainless steel doesn’t only have better resistance to climate conditions, but it also looks better. When we say looks better we mean it can be bend easily, so it will have better edges to fit perfectly to the design of the car, and it will also be brighter. We think it is very important to know what is what since there is no regulations on many website or overall market to check it for you. We mean even though if you see 304 grade in description, it will be just safer to be able distinguish their differences. It could easily be compared to other products in any market, if the price is really cheap maybe we should think that twice. Another way to tell that they might be 430 instead of 304 is that paying attention to description very closely and seeing the details. Are they OEM approved? Does the seller guarantee the quality? If the products are coming from a first world country think twice, since in today’s world such products that require both cheap material and labor wouldn’t be produced in a high cost environment, but since it might look like a benchmark it might be written in the description to impress. To know more about this please read “How to understand if l really bought the high quality 304 grade stainless steel auto accessories?” Section. ) Overall we recommend 304 grade stainless steel.

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