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Top 10 most stylish accesories to customize your Mercedes Metris 2016 in North America

W447 Mercedes-Benz MetrisRecently we are happy to see the European design Mercedes Metris vans, which we first came across and viewed at Las Vegas SEMA SHOW in 2014 ,in North America.

Mercedes Metris has been announced under the motto “For When The Sprinter’s Too Big”, and with its cool sharp European exterior appearance it has been serving in the USA since October.

Many may not know, Metris has been sold in Europe for over 10 years under the name of “Vito”, but for US market Mercedes Benz preferred the name “Metris” . As one of the global automotive market followers we believe that Metris is going to be very succesfull. Like the other examples of biringing European models to US, Mercedes-Benz Vans North America Managers are implementing another great project, bringing another great Van from Europe to North America.

What we love on Mercedes Metris is that they have sharp and eyecatching OEM design. They are great vehicles to accessorize, customize and personalize with a few stylish touches. As one of the global automotive market followers, we have already started serving lots of high quality and OEM approved styling products for the new Metris, and we will add more options as we see what users need or want in the future.

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In Europe where the customization is quite common, Metris (Vito) vans have shiny chrome trim, dark chrome trim touches, aluninum side and roof styling products like side running boards, roof racks, cross bars to enhance the exterior appearance, and as Recro Garage,one of the World Fashion followers, we would like to serve you not only what is out there but the best styling products in North America.

According to our study the most stylish accessories for your Mercedes Benz Metris is listed below ( please keep in mind that additional accesories may follow in the mean time ) :

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  1. Front grille cover protector trim stainless steel
  2. Rear bumper sill cover protector trim stainless steel
  3. Aluminum grey cross bars – aluminum roof racks (if not included )
  4. Chrome side mirror cover trim.
  5. Door handle cover trim stainless steel
  6. Side window sill trim overlay.
  7. Rear tailgate door protector trim stainless steel
  8. Front fog light surround rim
  9. Rear trunk lid cover – license plate protector trim stainless steel
  10. Aluminum side running boards



Not only protection but adding an eyecatching style to your Metris is very simple and easy with Recro Garage . For any question about the text or how to get these products in North America please contact your one click away US seller RECRO GARAGE.

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